Meet, Learn, Play.

S.Labo, an experimental sock making space.

S.Labo is the sock making laboratory presented by SOUKI, aiming to become the most exciting sock factory for everyone from kids to the grown-ups.
Meet, learn, play - throughout the three experiences, we share with you the enjoyment of getting to know the world of socks.
These ideas are what inspired us to create S.Labo.

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Meet the entire Souki sock line-up at our shop space.
Low gauge featured ‘SOUKI SOCKS’ and ‘Re Loop’ and so on - touch and feel various unique designs and their quality, including S.Labo shop exclusive models.


Our workshop offers the experience of sock making and learning its history. Sustainability focused events such as Soft toy ‘Sock Monkey’ making, and learning the hole mending technique ‘Darning’ are happening on a daily basis.


Try our super unique (one of a kind) sock knitting machine ‘Charicks’ and power it by bicycle pedalling!
Choose your favourite colour yarn and size, just enjoy biking to knit your very original socks to take home.




30 min
3,300 yen (incl.tax)

Low gauge sock making experience by bicycle pedalling.
Choose your favourite 3 yarns from 36 colour options, select your size and length. Knit your own original socks and take them home.


Opening days:
Occasionally planned
Depends on the event concept

Factory tour, soft toy making from leftover yarn, and darning lesson - we offer various kinds of workshops. Find our social media for details and opening days.



S.Labo / SOUKI Co.,Ltd

6-5 Hikiso, Koryo, Kitakatsuragi, Nara 635-0824
Opening hours
Shop: 9:30-12:00 & 13:00-17:00
Opening hours may vary on public holidays such as New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Please call us or find the latest information from our social media.
Take Nara Kotsu Bus line #13 from Kintetsu Yamato Takada sta. towards ‘Taketori Koen Higashi’, get off at ‘Hikiso’ bus stop, and walk for 1 min.
Car and bicycle parking available.
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SOUKI is a sock factory running over 90 years, located in Koryo, Nara which has a deeply rooted sock production culture. Various kinds of sock production, principally low gauge socks made by a rare vintage knitting machine, developing a unique knitting machine ‘Charicks’ - throughout our inheritances and challenges, we are aiming for becoming the most exciting sock factory in Japan.

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